addAbility NPC

We formed with the intention of facilitating the delivery of quality care, appropriate equipment, efficient assessment & monitoring and applicable training to support people living with disability, in general, and those suffering from Cerebral Palsy, in particular.

We are registered as a Not for Profit Company and our intention is-

  • to develop or source a range of made-in-South-Africa assistive devices which are both inexpensive and tailored to local conditions and which are comparable to leading international brands in terms of quality, functionality and therapeutic benefit;
  • to establish a mobile assessment and treatment capacity to reach the country's ignored or underserviced areas;
  • to provide appropriate equipment at no, or an affordable, cost;
  • to train family and community caregivers of our "clients" to enhance and prolong the impact of our efforts;
  • to provide health and government authorities with the data, training and advice they may need to better influence the development of policy and treatment protocols; and
  • to invest in building capacity and/or infrastructure within organisations that share our vision and can travel our journey.

Our vision is an important step towards a sustainable solution for the care and treatment of CP in South Africa. We move forward with enormous energy, but also with the humility and knowledge that others have gone before.

Were we to be starting the battle against CP afresh, our task would be easier as we could design and implement a coherent and integrated solution. This is obviously not the case and we know that our only positive and sustainable impact will come from-

  • aligning ourselves with what is already in place;
  • agreeing and establishing universal levels of care;
  • engendering cooperation and eliminating duplicated effort; and
  • creating a platform for sharing information, expertise and resources.

Help us grow a responsive and mobile network of CP care which will be nation-wide, affordable and which will restore (widely) mobility, dignity & hope.

Please be patient as we finalise our website, & in the mean time, be sure to contact us-